Create online forms for GOV.UK

Create an accessible online form in minutes without needing technical knowledge.

Find out if you can use GOV.UK Forms

Easy to use

Create online forms using a simple interface with no need for coding or design skills.


GOV.UK Forms is free to use for central government.

Fewer errors

Form responses are automatically checked for missing answers or answers in the wrong format, so there’s less missing information and fewer errors compared to document-based forms like PDFs.

Faster form processing

Receiving completed forms digitally, with fewer errors, means processing is faster and easier compared to document-based forms like PDFs.

Accessible forms

GOV.UK Forms uses accessible GOV.UK templates to make it easy to meet public sector accessibility requirements.

See how well your forms are working

Use simple metrics to see how many forms were submitted and what the completion rate was.


GOV.⁠UK Forms is designed to meet the latest government cyber security standards.

Protects data

The GOV.UK Forms platform protects user data and helps you to comply with data protection regulations.

The GOV.UK Forms team

GOV.UK Forms is built by a team at the Government Digital Service. You can: