Forthcoming features

These are the features we’re working on next and approximately when we plan to release them.

This information is just a guide. It’s not everything we’re doing, and things may move.

We’ll update everyone with an account when we release new features. Or you can sign up to our mailing list for updates.

By April 2024

  • Admin roles to give organisations more control over who can create, edit and make forms live in their organisation

By September 2024

  • Allowing people to give multiple responses to a question - for example to provide a history of home addresses
  • Allowing people to upload files - for example, documents or photos
  • Allowing people to save their progress through a form and return later on

Further in the future

  • Previews of what each question will look like as you’re adding them to your form
  • ‘Branching’ to give people a different set of questions depending on their answer to a previous question
  • A history of previous versions of a form, and the ability to revert back to them
  • The ability to receive form submissions in formats other than in the body of an email
  • Opening up use of GOV.UK Forms to the wider public sector

There are many other features and iterations we know will be useful. We’ll update this page when we know when we’re likely to work on them.